How to Clean Your Hookah

Don’t know how to clean a hookah? No fuss, it’s not something that requires special training. Anyone can easily clean a hookah. We have broken down the process into the following steps:

How to Clean Your Hookah

Step 1 – Clean the Hose

First off, detach the hose from your hookah base. Just twist the hose slightly from side to side to carefully detach it from the base. Hose is a pipe attached to your hookah through which you inhale. Disengaging it from the hookah makes it easier for you to clean the rest parts of hookah.

Step 2 – Blow Through the Hose

You can do this after every time you use your hookah. It only takes a few seconds to do so. All you need is to blow forcefully into the hose using the spout on the hose. It helps you expel any lingering smoke that may affect your smoking experience.

Step 3 – Wash it Properly with Water

You should wash your hose with water whenever you feel a need for it. It’s highly recommended that you do so after every 10th use. However, you need to make sure your hose is washable. If your hookah hose is made of plastic or rubber and has a label ‘’Washable’’ on it, you can rinse your hookah hose with water after every fifth use. Note: you are not supposed to use any kind of chemical product or soap to clean your hose as it can affect your smoking taste. Use your regular tap water for your hookah cleaning. Open your sink tap to use water pressure for better cleaning. Let the water stay in the hose for around 30 seconds to wash it completely.

After the hose, clean the other parts of your hookah similarly. It’s simple, isn’t it? Please use the comment section below to share your thoughts with us.

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